Saturday, March 15, 2014


Lately, I eat American sushi every Friday evening at a Japanese restaurant with my boyfriend. We call "Sushi Friday!" I didn't eat sushi that often in Japan, though many American people think we eat sushi mostly everyday, like we think American people eat hamburger every meal. But we usually eat sushi on special occasions such as celebrations and parties. One of the reasons is Sushi is expensive. Another reason is sushi is not home-cooked meal.
One of the frequent questions from American people is "Can you cook sushi?" Actually, only chefs can make sushi. It looks pretty easy to make it, but sushi chefs train making sushi for many years. A really good sushi costs a few thousand yen (more than $10), just only for one nigiri sushi! I have never eaten such a sushi though. We can get cheaper sushi from supermarkets and convenience stores in Japan. Also there are sushi-go-round restaurants where the plates with the sushi are placed on a rotating conveyor belt that winds through the restaurant, and they are reasonable.
However, there are a lot of other good dishes in Japan. You should try ones. I'm sure you love them!