Saturday, August 27, 2011

I am coming close to my dream of living in the US!?

I finally started applying for permanent residency in the US, this is called a green card. I have stayed in the US more than six years and I have come to like here, so I want to stay here indefinitely. To fulfill this dream, I have to get a green card. But it is not so easy. I have to claim that I am a valuable person to live in the US as a prominent researcher. To prove this, I have to prepare a lot of documents and letters, and write two essays. That is hard and time consuming. I hired an attorney. It is costly. Even so, I am not sure if my application will be approved. It is not fun. It is stressful... Sigh,I am still far from my dream...


  1. I will hold you in my thoughts as you do the work to get a green card.
    You are a valuable person!

  2. Thanks!
    It's really stressful... I hope everything will go well.

    By the way, I like nature. I love your pictures! So beautiful!!