Monday, October 17, 2011

Shall we dance?

I am taking swing dance classes. It has been about a year since I started. It is a drop-in class with $5 for an hour, and it is held once a week. Partners rotate in the class and we do not need to bring a partner. So it is a good deal.

The first time, my American friend brought me to the class. That time I had no idea what swing dance was, and I never had done any kinds of dance before. It was a beginner’s class, so I thought it would be ok. But I was really nervous. First of all, I (like most Japanese) am not used to physical contact with other people like shaking hands or hugging, so I felt somewhat embarrassed when I got paired. But I got used to it quickly. Second, I had trouble with listening and I did not understand what the instructors said. Once, the instructor said “…..raise your right hand” so I raised my RIGHT hand. But I looked around and I found that all female raised LEFT hands and my friend (she) waved her left hand to me. I understood the instructor said “ ladies, raise your LEFT hands, and guys, raise your RIGHT hand” . I was embarrassed. I still find it difficult to understand everything they say, but I can learn from watching them.

Now I am not nervous and I really enjoy swing dance. I moved to an intermediate class. But my goal is not to be a professional dancer. The class is good for practicing English and for interacting with many American people. And most important thing is I am enjoying it!

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