Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dentists in the US vs Japan

This is my experience of seeing a dentist in the US.
I have a lot of cavities. I have known about that for a long time but I had not been to see a dentist since I came to the US. It was not only because I do not like dentists, but also because I was not familiar with dentists in US so that scared me.

Last week I went to see a dentist for the first time in the US. I think the dentist was friendly, and I assume that American dentists are in general more friendly than Japanese ones.
As I anticipated, he found a lot of cavities and most of them were serious. He was surprised that I had not not felt any pain with them.

I was comfortable during the dental work. Actually it was more comfortable than at dentists in Japan. It was very expensive, much more expensive than dentists in Japan. I have a dental insurance which covers most of dental work, but I had so many serious cavities that the insurance could not cover them all. I should have seen a dentist before my teeth became this bad...
I have heard that American people go to see a dentist for check-ups or cleaning before they have problems with their teeth. On the other hand, Japanese people go to their dentist only after they have problems with their teeth.

By the way, my dentist is supper kind! Once I biked to see the dentist and it was rain when my appointment finished, so my dentist drove me and my bike home.

I like a dentist. But I still do not want to have bad teeth!


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  2. That's an interesting comparison of Japanese and American dentists. Thanks!

    I hear that British dentists have been getting better, although they once had a reputation for being quite bad.

    My own dentist is from India. She is the gentlest dentist I've ever known!

    1. Thanks, Paul!

      I had never heard about British dentists. It's interesting...
      I'm glad you have a good dentist.

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  4. Thank you!
    I'll keep writing.:)

  5. You did well compare between US and Japan. It may be partially true. My dentist do best job on my teeth whenever I go to his clinic.

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  6. It doesn't matter that form which country dentist belong to because they have done the same study in their college and have the same way of treatment. yer it may be possible that American dentist are much more costly than japan dentist it depend on the dentist nature. so i thing one should not afraid from dentist whether dentist belong to your country or not

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