Saturday, March 31, 2012

Having a party and building a network

Tulip "Spring Party" 
I used to throw a party every couple of months. But since many of my friends left last summer, I have not been motivated tohave a party and I had not had one for four months. But my best friend is going back to Japan in twoweeks, so I throw one for her. Also a new Japanese girl has just come here. And I invited many other friends. Many peoplecanceled at the last minute, but still quite a few people were there. I think my party is a little different from the onesyou have because mine is pretty international and there are a variety of people.

I like to throw parties but I put a lot of work into them. I try to have a big party and invite not only close friends but alsonew people and friends I have not seen for a while so that we can keep our network. And I clean up and decoratemy apartment and prepare dishes; I organize very well. Usually everyone looks like they are having a good time so I feel happy.But after everyone leave I feel sad. It is so quiet here.

There is a lot of leftover food. I could survive a few days with it...

Friday, March 2, 2012

Rock climbing

I went to a rock climbing gym with my friend. I did not know that there is such a kind of gym. I never heard about it in Japan. Is it popular in the US? Have you ever tried it?

It was my first time rock climbing. My friend invited me and I was willing to do it. I like to try new things. When I entered the gym, I was astounded. There were huge walls in front of my eyes. I was excited, but also nervous. Can I really do it??

I had to take a training session from the staff. It took about an hour. I learned many safety issues like how to tie the ropes and how to hold the ropes when your partner is climbing. It was quite confusing for me. But it was important to avoid dropping my friend from a high place of the wall, lol.

Finally, I was allowed to climb the wall. I had no idea how high I would be able to climb up. But it was easier than I thought. I climbed to the top of the wall! it was the beginners course, though. I was so excited. Then, I saw my friend on the floor. I became a bit scared. I realized how high it was. But I did it!

I was tired and I had pain in my arms after climbing just two times...

I had a really good experience and it was a lot of fun. I want to do it again. And I want to keep trying new things. It's great!