Sunday, July 21, 2013

People can talk to strangers

Do you like to talk with strangers? I think that it depends on the person, but it's also related to their culture. I live in the US and American people whom I don't know often talk to me. I often see people talking with strangers in the same elevator, and I often see customers and cashiers making small talk at stores. They compliment style of strangers on the street. It looks like they could say whatever they want in any situations. They are just chatting rather than talking about very important things. They seem to enjoy it, or at the very least they don't care.
On the other hand, Japanese people don't talk to strangers unless it is necessary such as asking directions or other questions. They even think that talking to strangers is impolite sometimes. They think that it bothers other people. Perhaps they don't want to interact with other people? Or they are just nervous about it? I don't know, but if you started a conversation without a reason, it might be weird and make them uncomfortable.

What do you think? Which do you prefer? I like a culture which is allowed to talk with strangers freely, but... I'm actually nervous about it. It's conflicting! I am trying to talk to people. If I meet you by chance, can you talk with me??


  1. lawyer
    I think you need to be suspicious about any stranger that start talking to you no matter where you live!!!!! We are living in a crazy word.

  2. Hi..I accidentally found out your page while i am suffering on the internet abt why Americans talk to random people. I exactly have the same feeling. I am not from Japan, but I studied abroad in Japan when I was eighteen and spent most of my twenties in Tokyo. Two years ago, I came to the US to go back to school and realized that American people do not hesitate to talk to strangers. For me, I was used to in Japanese culture, so it was so weird in the beginning. Now I am kinda used to it, but still feel culture shock whenever strangers try to talk to me.