Thursday, January 5, 2012

Japanese food in the US ~Is it really Japanese food?

There are many Japanese restaurants in my town. I went to a Japanese restaurant with my American friend. I have many friends who love Japanese food. Some of them even know about Japanese restaurants better than me.

My friend asked me if the food in the restaurant was real Japanese food. That is a good question!
Some of the Japanese food in the US are strange to me. For example, I have never seen certain kinds of California rolls and spicy sushi rolls in Japan. We do not put avocado or mustard in sushi. And Japanese usually wrap rice with seaweed, but those rolls are opposite, so rice is outside. Also, we eat tempura, but broccolis and zucchinis are not fried in Japan. There are many other differences...
But I like this American-Japanese food, too. I wonder why we do not make them in Japan.

What are your favorite Japanese foods?

This is inari sushi I made :)

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